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latest update:   October 2019
Welcome to tbc-online!
Tbc-online is a web-based application providing information about tuberculosis (TB) in the Netherlands. It is developed to support professionals in the Netherlands but is open to everyone with an interest in tuberculosis. The source of the data is the Netherlands Tuberculosis Register (NTR); this register is managed at the department of Epidemiology and Surveillance of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (NIPHE) in the Netherlands.

Currently, diagnostic data are available for all notified TB cases and Latent Tuberculosis Infection cases from cohorts 1993-2018. Treatment results are available from cohorts 1993-2017. The data are updated annually. More detailed information about tuberculosis in the Netherlands is available through the tuberculosis website of the NIPHE (only available in Dutch).

By browsing to the tabs Tuberculosis and Latent TB infection, you can open the application which allows you to make tables and graphs of selected variables in the NTR. The tab Maps, provides maps with geographic information of TB incidence in the Netherlands. The tab Country profile provides information on TB incidence, occurrence of MDR TB and HIV-prevalence based on recent WHO estimates. It also provides information on Dutch policies per country regarding BCG vaccination of children, traveler health advice and the policy for entry and follow-up screening of new immigrants.